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    Selling on the ONDC Network

    If you are selling on the ONDC Network or just starting off here are few things to get you started.


    Understand the benefits of selling on the ONDC Network - if you are selling offline, online or both


    Start selling by getting onboarded as a Seller on the ONDC Network , we have list of Seller Network Participants who will guide you through your journey.


    Empower yourself - learn how to drive your business through ONDC Network

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    Benefits of selling on ONDC Network

    If you are selling on online

    Choose any seller network participant & operate business on your own terms Get timely payments Know your cutsomers the way you know them offline Customers will now be visible to all, not just big companies

    If you are selling offline

    Register once and showcase your products accross multiple buyer applications Your business will be visible to

    Get information

    Do you own make or own your inventory?

    If Yes - Signup on ONDC Participant Portal as a ISN

    Do you want to sell through market places?

    If Yes - Connect with Seller Network Participant - Marketplace directly via ONDC Sahayak - Say "Hi" - on +91-8130935050 or click here

    Do you aggregate sellers and list their products on your marketplace?

    If Yes - Signup on ONDC Participants Portal as MSN

    Offer 24/7 Convenience to Your Customers

    By selling on the ONDC Network, you can accept orders even when your physical store is closed. This allows you to cater to customers' needs at their convenience while delivering products according to your terms and availability.

    Promote Your Online Store with your own ONDC Network QR Code

    As an ONDC Network seller, you'll be visible to a wider customer base through various buyer applications. Promote your store by sharing your personalized ONDC Network QR code, enabling customers to shop directly from your store, just like they would in person. Share across social media channels ( )

    Showcase Your Expertise and Grow Your Business

    You know your business and customers best. Let them know that your store is now accessible through multiple online buyer applications, providing them with a variety of ways to experience your offerings. Leverage your expertise to provide exceptional service and grow your customer base.

    Benefits of ONDC Network QR Code to Drive Business

    Print and display your store's ONDC Network QR Code at your physical location, letting customers know they can buy from you even when your shop is closed because you are Now Online through different applications.

    Promote your store to customers, friends, and family by sharing your ONDC Network QR Code on Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and other messaging apps.

    Share your ONDC Network QR Code through your WhatsApp, allowing your existing customers to explore your store and make purchases directly from home or even while they are traveling

    As new Buyer Applications are added to the ONDC Network, your store may become visible on them based on your location and the pin codes you've chosen to make your products available in.

    Learn How to Generate
    your own ONDC Network QR Code for your Store

    Terms and Conditions

    Live Sellers on ONDC Network

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    Disclaimer: The information presented here is provided by Seller Network Participants(NPs). Please note that the seller listed here may be associated with a specific Seller Network Participants(NPs) and not the ONDC itself, and that ONDC does not operate a platform for buyers or sellers.