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    1. Introduction:

    • Open Network for Digital Commerce (“ONDC” / “We”/ “Our”) serves as a network facilitator. We do not act as a buyer or seller, neither do we interact or onboard any buyer or seller but provide open technical protocol that enable communication between various network participants (“NPs”).
    • To empower sellers to expand their presence on the ONDC Network and allow buyers to easily purchase from their preferred identified stores, ONDC has enabled technological standards that can allow NPs to generate standard QR codes (“QR Code(s)”)
    • The terms and conditions laid out in this document apply to all users and creators of QR Code, including but not limited to, buyer app, seller app and buyer.
    • We do not store or access any personal data of buyer or seller or user of the QR Code The management of data during transactions is the sole responsibility of the respective buyer apps or seller apps, according to their privacy policies and applicable laws.

    2. QR Code Safety Instructions:

    • Always verify the source of the QR Code before scanning. Avoid unsolicited QR Codes received via SMS or email, which may contain malicious software.
    • After scanning a QR Code, carefully read the URL of the website or app to ensure it is legitimate and not a phishing site.