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    ONDC Incentive Program for Bengaluru Plus: Inviting all interested participants starting 16th December.

    • Team ONDC
    • By   Team ONDC

    Please note that this incentive program is now revised. The revised incentive program will override this communication. Please find the new communication here https://ondc.org/blog/open-network-for-digital-commerce-revised-incentive-program/

    ONDC launched to public users in select pin codes of Bengaluru on 29th September 2022. The journey from establishing the Proof of Concept of ONDC with the Grand Hackathon in January 2022 to the alpha launch of the network in April 2022 and subsequently Beta launch in September has been incredibly exciting for all stakeholders. We are grateful for your continued efforts to co-build a decentralised and unbundled e-commerce industry.

    After two months of testing and nearly 3000 orders, ONDC is gearing up for the next phase of testing with meaningful scale to build up momentum for a national launch planned for the first quarter of 2023. Towards this we are implementing a multi-pronged approach in the short term to enhance the network to stimulate transactions, with focus on Bangalore including stepped up network scale from 700+ merchants across India to 20,000 across domains, readiness to manage network operation at such scale for settlement and grievance management and enablement of new categories like Fashion, Home & Kitchen (including Décor), Electronics, Beauty and Personal Products.

    In order to jumpstart the scale up, ONDC is excited to announce the rollout of ONDC Incentive Program for various participants on the network, awarding them for significant scale milestones that accelerate transaction momentum of ONDC.

    With the above in mind, ONDC has designed an Incentive Program to simulate complementary outcomes from the following groups:

    1. Seller Network Participants - To incentivise seller onboarding
    2. Sellers - To incentivise transactions including but not limited to conversion of offline customers to online sales
    3. Buyer Network Participants - To incentivise demand generation on the network

    ONDC invites you to participate in the incentive program starting from 16th December.

    We are also organising a webinar on the subject on 14th December 2022 at 6 PM.

    ONDC urges all participants to grab this opportunity to speed up their integration with ONDC and participate in the scale up of the network.

    Please reach out to us on [email protected] for any other clarifications or invite for the webinar.




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