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    Latest notifications issued
    under ONDC Network Policy

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    ONDC - Notifications

    S. No. Description Notification No. Date View
    1 Publishing information on parameters affecting ranking of goods/services or sellers 2023/06/06/01 06/06/2023 View
    2 Network Observability on ONDC Network 2023/06/14/01 16/10/2023 View
    3 Catalogue modification by Buyer Apps 2023/07/08/01 08/07/2023 View
    4 Closed User Group Testing for new Network Participants 2023/07/08/02 08/07/2023 View
    5 Disclosures by Seller Apps for differential treatment to Buyer Apps 2023/07/08/04 08/07/2023 View
    6 Displaying Seller App’s name to the Buyer 2023/07/08/05 08/07/2023 View
    7 Providing Buyers with alternatives to default/organic sorting 2023/07/11/01 11/07/2023 View
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