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    ONDC Startup Mahotsav

    Vanijya Bhawan

    Date: May 17, 2024

    Bharat Mandapam

    ONDC is built on two principles


    Unbundling the value chain


    Interoperability among the involved parties

    ONDC is:

    • An open network, capability, infrastructure

    • Infinite models, fertile for innovation

    • Eliminates need for central intermediary

    • Market and Community led initiative

    ONDC is not:

    • An application, a platform, a product

    • A single model

    • A central intermediary

    • A regulator

    How is ONDC changing the game for businesses in India and beyond




    Indian cities

    200 Mn+

    estimated buyers

    9 Mn

    monthly transactions

    We have also successfully pilot tested an exports use-case with a Singapore buyer sourcing tea directly from India using an ONDC-enabled Singapore buyer network participant, which affirms we are now ready to scale it to the global markets.

    Key benefits of joining the network

    For Buyers

    • Unified shopping experience with one stop access for all categories

    • More choices for price and delivery

    • Faster local fulfillment


    For Sellers

    • Wider discoverability

    • Single registration

    • Low-cost value chain access

    • Control over rules & terms

    • Increased profitability

    • Business analytics

    • Portable reputation

    • No disintermediation risk


    For Technology Companies

    • Maximize tech value

    • Innovate strengths

    • Monetize transactions

    • Faster scaling

    • Boost platform loyalty