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    Build For Bharat

    Google Partners with ONDC
    for 'Build for Bharat' Hackathon

    To promote rapid innovation for solutions and startups around ONDC, and enable a wide gamut of innovators and entrepreneurs to take up the most critical challenges around ONDC adoption, ONDC has organized a nationwide hackathon to promote startups, developers, and students that solve critical problems for Bharat, i.e. Build For Bharat. It is one of the leading initiatives to transform India, attracting over 1 Crore viewership and thousands of developers to contribute to ONDC.

    Build for Bharat, spanning over six months, is a program centered around addressing the challenges of the e-commerce industry through a dynamic hackathon. With a nationwide reach, this initiative invited startups, students, and professionals from across India to actively participate in programming challenges aimed at making innovative solutions for eCommerce industry-specific problem statements.

    The program included

    4 Online Masterclasses

    Engaging sessions to kickstart participants' journeys and provide detailed insights into key problem statements.

    8 Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions

    Interactive digital sessions to address participant queries.

    4 Physical Meetups

    Events in various cities to increase awareness and engagement.

    Demo Days

    Showcase event where participants present their solutions to a jury of experts.



    Accelerate eCommerce Penetration

    Develop solutions and products that address key challenges, enabling access and sustainable participation in digital commerce for all, including kirana stores, small traders, merchants, MSMEs, drivers, delivery agents, D2C brands, large companies, and every citizen, regardless of digital literacy, geographic location, or economic status.


    Encourage Innovative

    Address real-world problems in the eCommerce industry by leveraging the power of ONDC


    Develop an Open Ecosystem of Innovators

    Empower and accelerate an open ecosystem of developers, students, and startups to continuously innovate within the ONDC ecosystem.

    Event Highlights

    Total Registrations


    Women Participants


    Geographical Participation

    40% from Tier 1, 22% from Tier 2, and 38% from beyond Tier 2 cities

    Program Tracks

    New Ventures (Next Generation Start-ups)

    Founders, organizations, and professionals tackle tough problems across sectors in digital commerce, building scalable businesses with milestone-based grants and mentoring.

    Scalable Solutions

    Tech innovators/individuals address pressing needs and challenges of the ONDC ecosystem, creating implementable solutions.

    Foundation Solutions

    College students (18+) develop practical solutions to address holistic challenges.


    4th Dec 2023

    Launch of Problem Statements

    5th Dec 2023

    Master Classes Starts

    28th Dec 2023

    Meetup Series Begins

    3rd Jan 2024

    AMA Session Begins

    31st Jan 2024

    Last Date of Registration

    10th Feb 2024

    Last Date of Solution Submission

    April 2024

    Announcement of Shortlisted Teams

    27th & 28th May 2024

    Demo Day & Announcement of Prize Winners

    May 2024 Onwards

    Next Gen Ventures Cohort

    Watch Nominees


    Catalog Scoring

    • Good Catalogue quality - Key to Seller’s Visibility on Network
    • Build an automated Catalogue Score
    • Score to capture Compliance, Correctness, and Completeness

    Conversational interface

    • Online shopping lacks ‘look & feel’ - Impact on Customer Trust
    • Build interface - immersive shopping experience
    • Assist Non Tech Savvy Users

    INDIC Language interface

    • Today, E-commerce limited to English-speaking users, hindering wider adoption
    • Inclusive E-commerce - Integrate Indic languages through the customer Journey

    Negotiation Engine

    • Unavailability of Conditional arrangements across transactions; hinders time bound negotiation of terms
    • Implement Negotiation model to facilitate agreement of terms

    Optimal Storage & Retrieval in m*n Sparse Matrix

    • Real-time verification of pincode serviceability - Data-Intensive
    • Design optimal data structure to store and retrieve pincode serviceability information efficiently.

    Catalogue Indexing Engine.mp4

    • Search of large and unstandardized merchant catalogs - Key Challenge
    • Indexing engine for efficient catalog search and retrieval using structured/unstructured queries.

    Catalogue Digitisation

    • Manual catalog management - Inefficient, Not user-friendly
    • Digitizing catalogs using text, voice, and image inputs in Indic languages

    Price Optimization Engine

    • Traditional pricing strategies - Not Agile or Data-driven.
    • Price optimization engine - Dynamic and real-time price
    • Address consumer demand, product shelf life, and inventory levels

    Using Open Source Maps

    • Cost-effective mapping solutions, a must to scale in Ecommerce
    • Open source mapping tools for creating paths, reverse-geocoding, and computing distances.

    Legal Compliance & Product Safety

    • E-commerce merchants struggle with complex legal compliance across categories
    • Normalized representation of government legal compliances for easy adherence by e-commerce companies.

    Data as a Service

    • Business insights across the Network, without compromising privacy policies
    • Solution for secure data and insight exchange among NPs to enable business growth without breaching privacy.

    Financial Services

    • Traditional financial services - Fail to assess the creditworthiness of agricultural micro-preneurs
    • Decentralized lending ecosystem using advanced analytics to evaluate creditworthiness.

    Personalized Experience to Customers

    • Lack of personalized recommendations - Customer drop-off rates are high
    • Framework to provide personalized recommendations while maintaining data privacy and competition norms.

    Order Management & Inventory Management for Grocery

    • Struggle with real - time inventory management - Affect on digital trade efficiency
    • Innovative solutions - Mobile-based, offline-capable order and inventory management system
    • Voice control and vernacular support

    Last Mile Hyperlocal

    • High delivery costs - Critical challenge for profitability, Hyperlocal deliveries
    • Build molde - Reduce hyperlocal food delivery costs below Rs 25/order for a 3 km radius

    Onboarding Sellers & Digitizing Catalog

    • Seller onboarding and catalog digitization - Complex, costly, and time-consuming
    • Streamline the process using INDIC languages and innovative input methods

    Join Us

    Be part of the transformation and help solve critical problems for Bharat. Together, we can build innovative solutions that drive the future of e-commerce in India.

    For more information visit: https://buildforbharat.net