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    Enabling fair commerce: ONDC's Issue & Grievance Management (IGM) goes live

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    We are thrilled to introduce a significant development here at ONDC – the launch of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) integrated into our Issue & Grievance Management (IGM) framework.

    In the dynamic landscape of digital commerce, issues can arise. These issues can range from grievances to disputes. Though it must be noted that these issues, while important to address, constitute a small fraction of the overall transactions on the Network. ONDC has a strong track record of successfully completing transactions without grievances.

    To better understand the IGM framework, let's first look at the various entities within ONDC's Network: customers, Buyer Network Participants, Seller Network Participants, sellers, and logistic service providers (LSPs).

    Our IGM framework categorises issues into three main types:

    1. Issues between buyers or sellers and other Network Participants (NPs).
    2. Disputes involving two NPs.
    3. Issues between an NP and ONDC itself.

    Currently, our primary focus is on resolving issues between customers and sellers, which they can report through their respective interfacing apps – the buyer app for customers and the seller app for sellers. The party responsible for the issue, whether a Buyer Network Participant, Seller Network Participant, or another NP involved in the transaction, works towards a resolution.

    Each issue has a "Source" – where it originates, typically the app where it's reported – and a "Destination" – the specific entity that resolves it. Our goal is to achieve timely and satisfactory resolutions. However, if the resolution doesn't meet the complainant's satisfaction or the agreed-upon timeframe, the matter can escalate.

    The detailed Issue & Grievance Management process can be accessed (Explainer here)

    In cases where grievances escalate into disputes, we have a plan in place. We use Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), which encompasses three essential methods:

    1. Conciliation: Finding common ground for both parties to agree upon.
    2. Mediation: Facilitating discussions to reach a mutually acceptable resolution.
    3. Arbitration: Reaching a binding decision with the assistance of an impartial authority.

    We are actively working on integrating an automated ODR process into our IGM framework. While a manual process (User Guide)  is currently available, our aim is to create a more efficient, automated system that streamlines the resolution processes.

    Once our fully automated IGM is operational, stakeholders can expect cost-effective, convenient and speedy issue resolution. Our framework is designed to minimise disputes within the network. This ensures that all participants can focus on their core business activities seamlessly.

    For those interested in delving deeper into ONDC's Issue & Grievance Management, we offer additional resources on our IGM Resources page. We invite all stakeholders to embrace this innovative framework, representing a significant step towards creating a fair and transparent digital commerce ecosystem in India.



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