Connect Sellers to the Network

Application, on the network, through which merchants and sellers can publish their catalog of goods and services and do business by interacting with customers.

Connect Sellers to the Network

Seller side applications

Definition- Application, on the network, through which merchants and sellers can publish their catalog of goods and services and do business by interacting with customers.

Enrol merchants

Present ONDC value proposition to merchants and enrol them to register on the network through your application.

Features of seller apps

  • Make catalogue of registered sellers visible to the network
  • Accept buyer app search query and serve catalogue options in standard format
  • Accept order post payment and delivery selection and provide tracking information

How your business grows

Bring more and more merchants to the network and earn margin per transaction on items they sell.

Domains that are live on ONDC

Resources available

  • ONDC organizes regular business and technical onboarding calls to help potential network participants understand the ONDC concept and the roles they can play on the network. Schedule for the same is as follows:
    - Business Onboarding Call - Tuesday (Weekly)
    - Technical Onboarding Call - Friday (Fortnightly)
  • Evaluate your role on the network as a buyer application, seller application or gateway and the domains you would like to participate in.
  • Fill the Network Participant profile form to help us understand your business model and identify your organisational SPOCs.

Please write to [email protected] to get invites for the Business and Technical onboarding calls as well as the Network participant profile form.

The creation of an open network requires implementing multiple layers of infrastructure, each having its own specification. The specifications include core specifications, domain specific taxonomies, security and trust models, and an open certification specification. The ONDC Github repository is a single source collection of all tech-related information to equip you to get ONDC enabled quickly.

To access ONDC Github click here

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Frequently asked questions

There are no restrictions. Anyone can independently plug into the network once live.

Since all services would be unbundled, new providers and services can also come up and be a part of the network.

Sellers have multiple options to be integrated with ONDC.

a) They can have their own ONDC enabled back office applications for their product / service catalogue to be visible in the network and to enable transactions. To hasten this they can use adapters made available by ONDC.

b) They can participate through seller aggregators who will provide aggregator services through their platforms

ONDC enables tremendous demand liquidity, i.e. seller nodes can leave the responsibility of customer acquisition etc. to those specialising in the same i.e. buyer nodes, and enjoy the benefits of having demand coming in from various platforms/nodes. This will also help reduce order acquisition cost.

Merchants can make themselves discoverable on ONDC by either using their own ONDC enabled applications or via ONDC enabled seller aggregator and registering their their product / service catalogue on the same.

Seller node applications are required to fulfill buyer requests- either by providing response to search and by fulfiling orders from the buyer.

Seller app can define product meta using extensible attributes ("tags" in the protocol). Product meta coming in, with varying degree of detail from different seller apps, should be displayed as is by the buyer app. We do foresee some degree of standardization in the product meta for different categories at some point in future.