ONDC Gateway

Application, on the network, that will broadcast the search request received from buyer-side apps to all seller-side apps, based on criteria such as domain or location.

Gateway essential features

  • Identify target seller application (s) based on search request and ONDC registry and broadcast search to those meeting criteria.

How your business grows

Earn a margin on transactions and searches.

Domains that are live on ONDC

Resources available

Frequently asked questions

There is no intermediary in this open network. The gateway and registry are used only for search/ discovery.During search, the gateway will broadcast the search, allow it to reach all seller platforms and return responses relevant for the search context and list in registry. This can subsequently be accessed by the buyer platform.

The role of the resgistry and gateway does not extend beyond search. Post search, the order lifecyle are bilateral transactions between the buyer platform (where the purchase intent originated) and the selected seller platform. There is no intermediary and these transactions are dual digital signed encrypted.
Transaction ledger is decentralised at each node. Centralised transaction ledger will/ will not be maintained.
It is up to the buyer platform. A search request will be routed to all the gateways.